Lej dessert- og kaffevogne 

Come and visit our SweetStreet shop on Strøget, Copenhagen

At SweetStreet you will find the best crepes / pancakes, coffee and waffles. Our SweetStreet shop is open all days of the year and is a place to visit for our Danish, as well as international customers.

Visit our shop at Strøget,
Vimmelskaftet 39-41, 1161 Kbh K

This shop is of great importance as it is not only an exciting location but it is actually the same shop that our SweetStreet Founder Nicolas grew up in. Nicolas’ mother and father started the business together and Nicolas’s mother operated it for 35 years. In September 2018, Nicolas and SweetStreet took over the business.

In the shop we serve our tasteful products, which we also serve at events from our wagons. It is in this shop that everything is produced from our pancake dough to our jams, salted caramel, apple compote etc.

We serve the best waffles in town, made from an old Belgian recipe dating back to the 19th century developed in the Belgian city of Liege, to which their sugar pearls make them truly unique. We bake them fresh everyday on the spot – so when you are on Strøget just go for the nice aroma.
We also serve the best pancake / crepes in town. The recipe comes from the old Danish cookbook: Miss. Jensen’s cookbook, which Nicolas’ father found on the shelf many years ago. Of course, we have given the recipe a SweetStreet touch, making it our very own very secret recipe.
We serve Danish roasted coffee from the Danish roastery Kontra Coffee. All our SweetStreeters are trained in barista art and are ready to serve our customers from morning to evening, we try our best to make the best latte art.

We serve Danish ice cream in the summer and delicious traditional Æbleskiver “apple slices” at Christmas.

Our SweetStreeters are always ready to provide the best experience through a professional approach to our products, a strong team work and a big smile on their lips. We love to have fun together and customers can feel it, and so will you – come by and say hi, because you only live ones.

As Confucius said: “We have 2 lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one”.

SweetStreet brings people together.